Photography by Ryan Houchin

Photography by Ryan Houchin


Wylie Cable is the founder of Los Angeles based Dome of Doom Records, an independent artist owned label that's been putting out new experimental and underground music over the past 7 years from many of LA's finest up-and-comers as well established beat scene veterans (Daedelus, Linafornia, DJ Nobody, Huxley Anne, Elusive, Space Gang, ELOS, Swisha, to name a few...)  Wylie Cable has released six full length albums on Dome of Doom since the labels inception, and continues to produce new records and tour with artists from the Dome of Doom roster.

The “chaos creates art” adage is only half true. Channeling your influences, ideas, and emotions into impactful art requires singular talent and unwavering dedication. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, concert organizer, and visual artist, Wylie Cable brilliantly orchestrates chaos both in and outside of the studio.

When DJing on the same bills with eminent electronic artists like Salva and 6Blocc, Cable arranges dynamic rhythms and disparate genres to create an immersive, high-octane show, blending and transforming everything from head-nodding hip-hop to sub-shattering electronica and ethereal psychedelia. Working with Strangeloop Teaching Machine, Cable also moonlights as skilled a VJ, helping artists like Flosstradamus and Lauryn Hill achieve striking live visuals.

In the hours that he isn’t behind the turntables or working on his next album, Cable’s channeled his passion for music into running one of the beat scene’s most promising record labels, Dome of Doom. Since 2011, the label has been a bastion for forward-thinking electronic music, an incubator for the next generation of innovative artists spawned from Los Angeles’s famed “beat scene.” With over 80 releases— many available via cassette and vinyl—the label is a driving force in L.A. and beyond, releasing albums from rising stars like Linafornia and lauded veterans such as Daedalus and Kenny Segal. A tireless worker, Cable handles every imaginable task (e.g., shipping, booking, graphic design) for the label.

This year, Cable released his sixth album on Dome of Doom, Buried at Sea. Somber yet thundering, the record is both a valediction for his late father and a document of Cable’s attempt to work through his grief. Some tracks feature meditative and haunting chords (“Making Tea for Ghosts”), while others aim to fry your brain with frenetic melodies and percussion (“Karate Chop”). Buried at Sea is Cable’s most personal work yet and his best, the kind of electronic album that seeks the humanity in the digital and finds peace in sub-harmonic frequencies.

Now in its seventh year, Dome of Doom has one foot in the physical past with an ear for contemporary and futuristic sounds. Each project is pressed to a limited run of cassettes (most of which sell out) and is available for your downloading/streaming pleasure (check the entire catalog on their Bandcamp). No matter the genre or subgenre, each project features an array of innovative instrumentals, the emphasis on head-nodding low end and the ethereal. With releases from veterans like Daedalus, DJ Nobody and Kenny Segal, as well as promising newcomers like Linafornia and Eureka the Butcher, the label might be the bridge the LA beat scene needs to continue.